Public Apology

Hello blog,

I need to apologize.  In the beginning, I envisioned our relationship to be full of consistency and open communication.  I would express clever ideas and memorable experiences and you would save them for me to revisit later in life. I must say that you have kept your end of the bargain quite well.  I, however, have been horribly neglectful. I have allowed life to distract me, to keep me from documenting so many little moments I want to someday remember.

So, blog of mine, I have a plan for the New Year.  I will try to post one entry per week (yikes!).  To make this easier, I will have a category for each week:

  1. First week:  Food
    Because I love it. And I could talk about it for hours.
  2. Second week: Family
    Because I love them. And I could talk about them for hours. 🙂 Some entries might be stories of our adventures, others may be of what I’m learning as a mom.  Other times, I might even write what we are learning as a family (pending approval of all involved!)
  3. Third week: Faith
    This topic is deeply personal for me. I think so much on these things and it is difficult to share those thoughts openly at times. But I think they are important matters to share, and one day be able to reflect upon.
  4. Fourth week: Fun
    One of the biggest lessons I have learned from my husband is that life is fun.  It is ok for me to lift my head sometimes, look around and laugh.  Even if I just share a joke that I overheard from my ten year old son (I apologize in advance), one post will just be “fun”.

So blog, I am hoping you will forgive me and that we can begin our relationship afresh. Thank you for always forgiving my grammatical errors, (I so love my ellipsis), and being so gentle in the way you place squiggly lines under my misspelled words. I look forward to sharing the New Year with you.

Your newly committed contributor,

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