Hello! Welcome to our family’s journey as we live day by day, breathing thin air, laughing ALOT and (hopefully??) spreading hope!

For years, we have sat in our cozy living room and speculated how it would be living abroad and exposing our children to a different culture.  Even so, when the opportunity to move to LaPaz, Bolivia landed in our lap, we were definitely caught off guard! After MUCH consultation, prayer and even tears, we couldn’t deny that our dream had found us. So, after selling most of what we own, finding a temporary home for our furriest child, and engaging in a laborious visa process, we hopped on a plane to the third highest city in the world.

2017-01-07-14-36-46It has already been an adventure!  Learning the
language, the culture, the transportation, a new job, a new school and a host of other lessons   (such as doing laundry, showers and dishes in the allotted 30 min water rations…think Olympic game of “4 person water usage”, resisting the plethora of adorable street dogs that ALL want to go home with you and navigating a grocery store with limited vocabulary) has definitely kept our days full! But this busy is the best kind of busy because everyday, in between all of the to-do’s, we are learning La Paz: a city with a rich culture, charming people, a unique humility and beautiful sites.

Please come along with us as we take this journey.  I will be writing about serving the poor, witnessing firsthand poverty, making mistakes together as a family, food (just because I love it so much), learning how to balance family, work and friends, and any other topic associated with such a big adventure.  Some posts will be light, while other may come from a deeply vulnerable place.  Feel free to offer your thoughts, input, perspective and even a story or two of your own!

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” Joseph Campbell

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